Episode #142 – Filming Your Imagination – Glenn Withrow & Hallie Todd

The Patty-G Show
The Patty-G Show
Episode #142 - Filming Your Imagination - Glenn Withrow & Hallie Todd

This week on The Patty-G Show, we had the honor of sitting down with Glenn Withrow and Hallie Todd. Two Louisiana transplants that made the shift from Southern California way of life to be a part of the Baton Rouge community. Working in the film industry as both actor/actress Glen and Hallie were always looking as they traveled to film at possible locations to call home. While filming in Baton Rouge, they fell in love with the area. Taking their production company, In House Media Film Partners, from a California based enterprise to now Baton Rouge located was something they have done and never looked back. Hallie made her entrance into the entertainment industry that way of any entrepreneur growing up in the family business. Her parents were actors and she felt the calling. Glenn was the first to pave his path into the acting world in his family and has charted his course to become a well accomplished actor and, ultimately, a writer, producer and director. Building a family business of their own, Glenn and Hallie work together on writing scripts and producing the projects with Glenn directing. Their latest project, The Last Champion, featuring Cole Hauser (“Rip” of Yellowstone), has been a great success and put them on a trajectory for bringing even more of the entertainment industry to the little big town of Baton Rouge, LA.

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