Episode #136: A Walk in the Parks – Corey Wilson

The Patty-G Show
The Patty-G Show
Episode #136: A Walk in the Parks - Corey Wilson

When it comes to making Baton Rouge a walkable city, you need places to walk to. This week we sat down with Corey Wilson, the superintendent of BREC. BREC is the agency that is focused on connecting people to nature and parks here in East Baton Rouge Parish. Corey has been with BREC for 10 years and is doing what he can to continue to develop projects for everyone in our community to enjoy. His path began in New Orleans with the desire to have a better life. Attending college in Atlanta, GA and graduating top of his class in accounting put him in a position to land an amazing job, which was later leveraged to attend Harvard Law School. Upon graduation, he landed a job in corporate law, but later realized his passion lied elsewhere. Taking the leap to move back to Louisiana, Corey started his own law firm with a couple friends and off they went building it into a success. With their success came lots of travel and as life would have it, became too much. Corey then applied for a new position with BREC, in house counsel. After many years putting in hard work and effort, he positioned himself to take on the role of superintendent upon it becoming available. And the rest is history!

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