Episode #133: Moving Our Bodies to Relax – Kerry Ruiz

The Patty-G Show
The Patty-G Show
Episode #133: Moving Our Bodies to Relax - Kerry Ruiz

2022 is an ever state of people remaining busy. We go from the house to the office to the after work activities and back home to repeat the cycle. There is rarely a time in our normal course of life where we have the ability to unplug and unwind for a few minutes. This week we are chatting with Kerry Ruiz of Alive & Well. A wellness studio designed to help you reduce stress and unplug for a moment. While life exists all around us and is never going away, spending a few moments to relax and recharge is vital for us to remain on top of our game and constantly moving forward. Kerry operates the studio with his wife and together they specialize in a variety of fields that help people slow their pace and find peace. While the studio is their primary focus now, Kerry has worked withe the downtown business development group to revitalize the scene and bring businesses together. In addition to their studio, they have a non profit organization focused on helping others relieve stress and wind down.

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