Episode #131: Eating Dinner Next To Jesus – Kay Gaudin

The Patty-G Show
The Patty-G Show
Episode #131: Eating Dinner Next To Jesus - Kay Gaudin

Leaving your home town to experience new life lessons can, for some, be a growing time and bring yourself to the realization of what you truly want to do in life. This week on The Patty-G Show, we sat down with Kay Gaudin of Pro Limo to hear about her journey from beach bum to a transportation expert right here in Baton Rouge. Growing up in a family business environment Kay knew she wanted to be in the hospitality business, but not on the side in which her family specialized in, funeral homes. Going to work for Sandestin out of college she quickly worked her way up to managing over 100 units. During this time she gained invaluable experience within customer service and being the best coordinator between guest and owner she could be. Translating that knowledge and expertise to the family business, she knew when it was time to return and take over the transportation side of the business. Fast forward to today, she is a hard working business owner that is focusing on maintain a steady level of business while balancing home life. She is truly an inspiration to all!

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