Episode #126 – Gentlemen, Take Care of Yourselves – Dr. Boudreaux & Dr. Chastain

The Patty-G Show
The Patty-G Show
Episode #126 - Gentlemen, Take Care of Yourselves - Dr. Boudreaux & Dr. Chastain

Is there ever a good time to go to the Doctor for a check up? Are you a type of person who doesn’t have the time to sit in a waiting room for an hour or two. Dr. Chastain recognized this was a concern for a large number of his patients around 2016. Through open conversations with Our Lady of the Lake he was able to make the shift to form an all male practice that is a subscription based pricing model. By taking the frustration of insurance and paying for every visit out of the equation, he was able to create a concierge medical practice and service busy men within their busy life. Partnering with Dr. Boudreaux, they bring a level of access that has not been seen in the medical community before. If you are on the golf course, in between meetings or even enjoying your morning coffee, you have the ability to shoot them a quick text/call/email with a question and hear back in a short period of time. Men, your health is one of the most important elements in your life, it is time it becomes a priority if it isn’t one already. 

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