Episode #123: Buy Dirt – Trey Williams

The Patty-G Show
The Patty-G Show
Episode #123: Buy Dirt - Trey Williams

This week we sat down with Trey Williams of JRE Private Equity to discuss all things commercial real estate investing and the process of picking the perfect property for their investors. When it comes to private equity groups, most people have the notion that they are the sharks lurking in the depths of the waters waiting to purchase the perfect business. However, through our conversation, Trey was able to explain how JRE operates differently in the sense that they search, prepare and invest in commercial real estate properties that generate a conservative return for the investors. Being based right here in Baton Rouge they focus on local investors and making sure to keep the money local and bring on people that are directly impacted by the investments they make. Starting as a commercial real estate broker, Trey has a track record of success that he’s leveraged to help each and every investor within their group. Oh, and he has dabbled in the restaurant world as well!

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