Episode #118 – Business Curveball – Anthony Ranaudo

The Patty-G Show
The Patty-G Show
Episode #118 - Business Curveball - Anthony Ranaudo

Baseball, trading cards, gym memberships, NFTs and Korea, that is just a small dose of what we discussed this week in our latest episode of The Patty-G Show. We sat down with Anthony Ranaudo, former LSU pitcher on the 2009 championship team and major league baseball player, who now is a proud franchisee of F45 and owner of Cards and Culture right here in Baton Rouge. Anthony moved down from New Jersey to play baseball for LSU and fell in love with the people and culture that we have to offer here in Baton Rouge. After successfully winning the national title, he moved on to play through the minor leagues and make his way to the major leagues where he made a name for himself and eventually explored playing some international ball in Korea. After completing his career, Anthony made the decisions to return to his new home of Baton Rouge and get started in the business side of life. Making a few angel investments, he realized he wanted more than to just cut a check and be done with the business. Working through a friend, he was introduced to the F45 concept and quickly became the first Baton Rouge franchisee to build a location. Once completed, he still had the urge to be an owner of his own creation and sought out that entrepreneurial spirit through trading cards and collectible items. Opening his store in 2020, Cards and Culture quickly became a melting pot of athletes, collectors and multi media productions. Oh yea, and he dabbles in the NFT space.

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