Episode #116 – Constructing Change – Mike Polito

The Patty-G Show
The Patty-G Show
Episode #116 - Constructing Change - Mike Polito

We are joined by Mike Polito of MAPP Construction this week to talk all things construction. From the origins of realizing there was something different out there for Mike and he could be paving his own way, to now providing a means for 200+ employees to earn a living. MAPP construction truly has made a lasting impact within our local community. Mike shares stories of great buildings they’ve constructed and some lessons learn along the way of the reality that the construction industry brings. With the ever increasing role that technology has to offer we discuss some of the key shifting factors that has led their company to bid and look at new jobs in locations they never would’ve thought possible a decade ago. Rather than trying to fight the advancement of technology, MAPP Construction has done everything they can to find a place where technology can bring about new growth. Through the hard work of the happy mappies, they are building the brand to new heights.  

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