Episode #114 – Running Into Action – Jenni Peters

The Patty-G Show
The Patty-G Show
Episode #114 - Running Into Action - Jenni Peters

Jenni Peters is a local legend. From starting with her tremendously successful running career, to going into business for herself, she is truly an inspiration to all. Recognizing a need in the community for a local specialized shoe store that did more than just earn a commission, she knew she had to be the change she wanted to see. Not only does this echo true from her founding Varsity Sports, but this rings true with her in the current landscape with her involvement with the Perkins Overpass project here in Baton Rouge. While some may have the desire to complain about the current state of things, Jenni decides to see what she can do to begin to make a change for the better. Opening her doors in an existing historical home, Jenni was doing things differently out the gate. Knowing that her customers were going to be people from all walks of life, Jenni did what she could to develop a team that would focus on the customer experience and ensure they walked out the door with the very best product that was perfect for their every need.  

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