Episode #111 – Thanks for Sliding Through – Jacob Dugas

The Patty-G Show
The Patty-G Show
Episode #111 - Thanks for Sliding Through - Jacob Dugas

Growing up in a family that are all entrepreneurs can lead to this hunger for always being able to work for yourself. That was the case for our guest this week, Jacob Dugas of Smalls Sliders. He knew growing up with his cousins that he wanted to be self employed. With every fiber in his being he knew he could do what it takes to become successful and build a brand that people would flock towards. After working through an idea with his cousin, he knew this was his calling. Creating a simple product that was people focused is right on point with Smalls Sliders mission and what they serve each an every day. Building a team to make the brand successful was step one, after that he quickly proved the concept via food truck with the intentions of establishing a brick and mortar location that quickly became a hit. Selling out the first day was a clear answer to Jacob’s question, will this be successful. We chat about all this and so much more, including some off menu secret items you can order at any Smalls Sliders!

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