Episode #108 – Chasing the Experience – Logan Meaux

The Patty-G Show
The Patty-G Show
Episode #108 - Chasing the Experience - Logan Meaux

When it comes to getting a business started and off the ground, that can be no easy task. Logan Meaux was able to get his idea from a concept to reality in a few short years, all while attending Louisiana State University. Not only was he able to turn an intangible idea into a reality, he is still continuously growing the brand and establishing themselves as the go to company for the ultimate sportsman experience. Originating from a poor experience in the outdoor world, Logan knew a disconnect existed between sportsmen and the outfitters providing the experience. From that moment he set out with a goal in mind, to create Mallard Bay as the AirBNB of the hunting/fishing world. Pushing through the initial unwillingness to make the change from the outfitters, they quickly realized MallardBay was the solution to all of their booking needs. As an outfitter working to provide the ultimate experience for their guests, now they can put their mind at ease for the booking process and focus solely on the experience!

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