Episode #106 – Curating Historical Fashion – Emily Underhill

The Patty-G Show
The Patty-G Show
Episode #106 - Curating Historical Fashion - Emily Underhill

Ever showed up to a party or event and someone was wearing the exact same outfit as you? You had to spend the rest of the evening/day knowing that someone was out there being your twin at the exact same function. Well, this week on The Patty-G Show we sat down with Emily Underhill, founder of Silibi (Suh-Li-Bi), which stands for see it, like it, buy it. She has started a luxury boutique focusing on pre-loved items that she takes through an entire refurbishing process to ensure they have been restored to their former glory. Not only that, but you will not be matching someone at your next event. Emily’s origin story begins with her dad always reselling items on eBay and making it into a real side hustle. With this entrepreneurial spirit born within, and her passion for fashion, she embarked on a journey to New York fashion school to establish herself as a person who had a plan. After a few years being a luxurious goods curator on a cruise ship, Emily knew it was time to return to Baton Rouge, LA and open her own store front called Silibi. Thanks to the pandemic and slowing of times, she was able to devote ample hours to curating a selection and sourcing a location. Fast forward to today and she is taking appointments only and showing people how to shop sustainably and fashionably. And yes, her outfit is for sale!

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