Episode #100: I’m Your Host – Patty-G

The Patty-G Show
The Patty-G Show
Episode #100: I'm Your Host - Patty-G

The moment has come. We have reached the next level of the show, episode #100. This is a major milestone for our show as we began this journey two years ago. The origin of the show came from an iPhone 8 and a Baton Rouge raised local wanting to make an impact in his community. We wanted to set out on a project that would shine the light on local businesses and local entrepreneurs doing incredible things in the community. With the goal of attracting people to come stay and work in Baton Rouge, that was our genesis. There was no fancy camera equipment and no specialty mics, just an iPhone 8 and the ambition to create something that would last. Looking back over the last 100 episodes has been somewhat of a time capsule. Being able to go back and listen to the early shows is really special to us. In addition to that, the first guests that believed in the mission and made the show what it is today have all played a significant role in making it what it has become. There are so many people that have made this show possible, and for that we want to thank each and every one of you. Without the guests and the listeners, this show would not have become what it is today. We have 100 in the books, and are excited about the next 100 to come!

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